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Meals To Try in Jordan

The nicest thing of traveling on vacation and experiencing new places is getting to know different cultures and sharing in their beauty. Food is a significant component of culture, and as a traveler, it is critical to be open-minded and appreciative of different cultures. Jordanians take pleasure in being friendly and inviting to tourists, especially when it comes to cuisine. When you visit Jordan with JUYONNA TRAVELS AND TOURS, you will notice this immediately. Discover what dishes to try in Jordan:


Mansaf is Jordan’s national meal and the most popular traditional cuisine. It is traditionally served on a big tray. The dish consists of rice, lamb, rice, and yoghurt sauce. A thin bread is topped with rice and meat, as well as almonds and pine nuts. It is a meal that is customarily consumed with one’s hands.


The name literally means “upside down.” This meal combines potatoes, chicken, rice, and spices in a single pot. After it is done cooking, it is flipped over on a tray. It resembles a rice and chicken cake and is frequently served with cold fresh yoghurt on the side.

This dish is popular throughout the Middle East, and there are several varieties available, including chicken, lamb, and beef. The meat of choice is skewered or grilled over an open fire. This tasty street snack consists of meat pieces combined with veggies and a sauce wrapped in pita bread.

A popular Jordanian dish, particularly in Jordan’s north. It is frequently served during festivals and other events. Each layer of dough was filled with roasted lamb and onions and gently simmered in olive oil. After cooking, the meal is cut into triangle-shaped sections with a knife.

A classic seasoned rice dish with fish. It gets its distinct flavor from the addition of cumin to other spices. The flavor combination of pan-grilled fish, aromatic rice, and toasted almonds is outstanding. With caramelized onions as the basis for the rice, you can be sure it’s delicious.

Zarb (Bedouin Cuisine)
If you visit Wadi Rum, you will undoubtedly sample this delectable dish. Lamb, chicken, carrots, potatoes, onions, and rice. This is then placed on grill stands over burning hot coals and delivered in a huge tray to visitors.

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